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The Allotment Agreement

Poole Borough Council requests that all plot holders sign an allotment agreement to ensure they maintain their plot to the designated standards.

All allotment holders are required to:

Cultivate the plot to the satisfaction of the Allotment Manager for the production of vegetables or fruit crops, for consumption by the Tenant or his/her family and not for commercial purposes.

Cultivation is defined as:-

25% of the plot cultivated within the first three months of the commencement of the tenancy.    - 75% of the plot cultivated within the year of the commencement of the tenancy.

95% thereafter.

Keep the plot in a proper state of cultivation free from weeds and well manured

(Weed suppression by the use of old floor coverings such as carpets is not acceptable)


Leave 225mm (9 inches) clear on all sides within the boundary of the plot to form common paths


Not assign the benefit of this agreement nor sublet the plot or any part thereof 

Have regard to the wildlife and biodiversity of the site in respect of protected flora and fauna and also with regard to notifiable pest and diseases. 
Be expected wherever possible to collect and recycle rainwater through water butts.  

Recycle green waste produced on site by composting

A representitve of the council will carry out an Allotment Inspection on a regualr basis through the year and any breach of the agreement may result in warnings or termination of agreement.


You can download a full copy of the Allotment Agreement by CLICKING HERE, or from the Poole Borogh Council website.

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