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Allotment Inspections

Poole Borough Council and Continental Landscapes will visit each site and carry out an inspection of plot with members of the allotment association. Any plots no adhering to the terms of the allotment agreement will be warned or have their agreement terminated.

Inspection look for a number of things, including:


Lack of cultivation of the plot to the agreed standard

If the plot becomes overgrown it will result in a non-cultivation notice being served on the tenant.

This notice will allow a four week period for the tenant to correct the state of the plot and bring it back into cultivation. If the plot does not meet these standards when re-inspected then a termination notice will be issued

- Failure to keep the plot in a proper state of cultivation

- Use old floor coverings such as carpets as weed supression

- Cause a nuisance or annoyance to the tenants of other plots

- Obstruct any path/road set out by the Council for the use of their tenants

- Breed / keep pigeons / livestock on the plot or keep bees withut prior agreement and licences

- Cut / prune any timber / trees or remove any mineral / gravel / sand / clay / soil from the plot

- Disregard the wildlife and biodiversity of the site or damage protected flora and fauna

- If at any time the Tenant shall cease to be resident in the Borough of Poole

- If the rent is in arrears for more than forty days

- If  it appears that there has been no cultivation of the plot for at least three months

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