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Would We Be Allowed Bug Hotel?

We all hear and read about the need to help the bees, insects and bugs of the world to assist in the polination of our crops and flowers.

Allotment sites, with sheds, compost heaps, hedges/fencing and fresh water sources would seem to be a perfect place for wildlife to live.

However, to ensure we have the right bugs, to provide natural pest control on our plots, a Bug Hotel (or hotels) could be a great way to give nature a helping hand...

Do We Need Permission?

If you wished to create a small bug house for your own plot, discreetly tucked away in the eves of your shed or in a quiet corner of your plot, then there should be no problem in doing so.

However, to build a larger Bug Hotel (such as the one pictured here) we may need to utilise quiet corners of the three parking areas, then we may need to discuss such an idea with Poole Borough Council or Contonental Landscapes.

Would You Help?

If we were granted permission to construct one, or more, such Hotels across the site, we would need to co-ordinate the build and gather materials from plot holders,

Would you be prepared to either:

~ Donate useful materials for the constructon

~ Help build and maintain the bug hotels and their environment

~ Champion the idea with other plot holders


If you would like to know more, or get involved, let us know by registering your interest by CLICKING HERE and provide a few details so that we can get in touch.

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