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Bushell Mill Farm - A Brief History

Ordenance Survey


The latest map we are currently able to find is from 1933 and has changed little from that of 1901.

The map shows the location of Bushell Mill Farm, with the allotments marked.


The farm was in the Bushell family for many years, but was sold to local landowners George and Percy Bailey circa 1910.

Developers purchased the farm in 1974 and bilt a large number of houses on the site. Council planners retained the names of its former owners,  naming the sreets "Bushell Road" and "Bailey Crescent"


We are currently in conversation with Poole Borugh Council to determine if they hold records relating to the change of use of the land currently occupied by Bushell Mill Allotments.

We are currently investigating the history of Bushell Mill Farm, with help from the Archivists at Poole Museum.



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