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The History of Bushell Mill Alotments 

Your Stories
Do you have a story of life at Bushell Mill Allotments?
Who is Bushell Mills longest plotholder...
Is it Phil and Anette on plot 52 who have had the same plot at bushell mills ,,,for 30 years
Contact the commitee to have you story told...
... or click here to send us your story and contact details

We are currently investigating the history of the Bushell Mill site, with assistance from Poole Museum and the Borough Council, we hoping to discover when the allotments first came into being, along with stories over the years from plotholders.

The Early Days


This group of unemployed men from Poole were photographed at Bushell Mill Farm as part of a scheme to cultivate allotments. The initiative was undertaken between Poole Allotment Association and the Unemployed Fellowship. The photograph was published in the Poole and Parkstone Standard on 2nd April 1936.


Site History
A 1933 map of Poole shows Bushell Farm, located oposite the current site entrance, currently occupied by the Toby Carvery Pub.
We are currently exploring old OS maps of the area to to find the history of Bushell Mill. 
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