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No More Skips

During 2014, both Poole Borough Council and Continental Landscapes, held a review of skips provided to all allotment sites within their control. They were looking not only at how often they were delivered, but what kind of waste was being ut into them, and how the council then disposed of their contents.



What Did they Find?

At the allotment association AGM, Mike Gotobed reported that over half of the contents of the skips emptied dring the year was compostable waste and could have been utilised onsite.

Mike also reported that a number of electrical items; including a TV and a Fridge, were amongst items of 'non-allotment ' use had also been found in some skips.

What Does This Mean for 2015?

The Council took the view that the skips provided were not being used inline with the Allotment Agreement, which all plot holders sign, stating that all compostable waste shall be handled onsite. This lead to them withdrawing the provision of skips from the end of 2014.

With Poole's aim to have all allotment sites self-funding in the next few years, the savings made by not  providing skps will go a long way to reaching this goal.

What Do We Do With Our Waste?

It will now be the responsibility of all allotment holders to dispose of their own waste.

Poole Borough Council provides a recycling service at:

Nuffield Household Waste Recycling Centre

92-98 Nuffield Road


BH17 0RS.

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