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 A New Website

When I received news of an offer of an allotment, after six years on the wating list, the first thing I did was to search the internet to get more details on the site. Finding a link to the existing web pages left me a little underwhelmed as to what may be in store the following afternoon when we planned a visit to the proposed plot.


Luckily, the visit went well, admittedly the plot needed a lot of work and looked more like a jungle than allotment, but talking to some of the people tending neigbouring plots we knew we would enjoy our time at Bushell Mill...


However, I was still concerned about the website and after finding out who was in charge of the current site I contacted them to ask if I could help out with updating a few pages. However, my attempts were out of luck and so I took it upon myself to start from scratch and build something new... ...and here it is.

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