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Poole Borough Council currently runs eight allotment sites, with almost 500 plots covering 60,000 square meters.
The current Allotment Manager is Mike Gotobed
Poole Borough Council
The current rent for each allotment plot is 50 pence per square meter, rising over the next 3 to 5 years until such point that all allotments within the Borough of Poole are self funding.
All rents are set 12 months in advance, with rental periods running from 1st October to 29th September
- Devloping Allotment Sites
- Determining Annual Rents
- Providing Funds for Facilities
- Maintaining Plot Holder Records
- Maintaining the Allotment Web Pages
- Liasing with Allotment Associations
- Inspecting Sites (Allotment Manager)
- Terminating Agreements
The Allotment Manager will inspect
all plots on a monthly basis to ensure
correct use of all allotments.
- Holder must be resident of Poole
- Only one plot per household / address
- Acceptable level of cultivation
- No trees to be planted on  plots
- Actively collecting rainwater
- Composting as much as possible
- Recycling/Removal of rubbish & waste
- No Sub-letting of allotment plots
For more information, refer to Poole Borough Council Allotment Agreement.
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